Monday, 9 January 2017

Monday January 9th

It appears that the weather scuppered any chance of birding today as after trawling the usual blogs, Twitter and internet sites I haven't come across much news. Apart from the following:

Ladywalk NR
18 Little Grebes roosted in the calm waters at the junction of the Blythe and Tame and 18 Meadow Pipits were on the marsh (Pete Sofley).

Shustoke Res
After a remarkable absence recently a Great Crested Grebe has returned with 14 Little Grebes, 47 Pochard and 91 Tufted Ducks (Pete Forbes).


I know that several people tried to get the Chiffchaffs at the weekend, with varying levels of success. To keep the Blog topical, Alan Dean has again offered some images and comment - Thank you, Alan.

Comparison of 'Siberian Chiffchaff' type with 'fulvescens traits and Common Chiffchaff of nominate form collybita.
Note generally tristis-like grey-brown upperparts and off-white underparts of 'fulvescens' bird, lacking the overall more-colourful, olive and yellow appearance of collybita.
However, the 'fulvescens' bird also has pronounced yellowish-olive fringes to remiges, rectrices, coverts and lower scapulars plus a yellow tinge above the eye.


Yesterday marked the anniversary of the discovery of three, increasing to four, Lapland Buntings, at the now-named Richard's Meadow at Kingsbury WP. On January 8th 1978 and until February 26th, when two remained, these birds were enjoyed as part of a mixed flock of 250 Yellowhammers and up to 150  Reed Buntings. Something there for you to dream about....

Incidentally for many years I gave no thought as to how Richard's Meadow came to be named, only recently discovering it is simply named after Richard White, who grazes sheep there from time to time. Richard lives on the A5 at Grendon and runs a very conservation friendly farm there.

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