Monday, 28 July 2014

28th July - Sightings

Pacifc Golden Plover - Dave Hutton (from Saturday)

RSPB - PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER (ad sum plum) still Jubilee Wetlands all day (Many Obs) 2 Garganey North Pit this evening. Mandarin (ecl m) Jubilee Wetlands (TP, J Allen, M Bruce) Ring-Necked Parakeet reported (heard only) (per logbook) Also 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, 2 Black-Tailed Godwit, 5 Wigeon, 15+ Shoveler, 20 Teal (per Staffs Birding, TP, J Allen)

Some video footage of the star attraction by Sean Allison here. Also an article from the Tamworth Herald here.

Please quote Tame Valley Birding as the source when using sightings from here on other websites. This includes oberservers passing themselves off as the recipient of the news on other websites.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

27th July - Sightings

RSPB - PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER (ad sum plum) still Jubilee Wetlands all day. Also 2 Black-Tailed Godwit, Common Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, 6 Snipe Jubilee Wetlands. Garganey, 5 Black-Tailed Godwit, 2 Wigeon, c20 Teal, Ring-Necked Parakeet over North Pit. 6 Green Sandpiper Hall Lake (Many Obs)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

26th July - Sightings

Pacific Golden Plover - Dave Hutton

Pacific Golden Plover - Steve Nuttall

RSPBPACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER (ad sum plum) Jubilee Wetlands this evening at least (G Williams et al) Also 2 Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Snipe, 2 Wigeon (Many Obs)

If RSPB car park is full then please park along main entrance track and not around the car park entrance gates.

25th July - Sightings

RSPB - 2 Green Sandpiper, LRP, Snipe Hall Lake (Chris Doyle)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

24th July - Sightings

Ladywalk - 5 Green Sandpiper, Little Egret, 5 Teal, Willow Tit (imm), 2 Peregrine (Ad,imm) (P Lichfield)
RSPB - Clouded Yellow butterfly North Pit. 7 Raven over. Also 3 LRP, Redshank, Green Sandpiper (G Williams)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

23rd July - Sightings

RSPB - 6 Black-tailed Godwit North Pit. Also Redshank, Dunlin, Common Sandpiper, 10 Ringed Plover, 6 Oystercatcher, Hobby, Wigeon, 2 Pochard, 8 Teal, 10 Little Egret around reserve. 3 Green Sandpiper Hall Lake (G Williams, Staffs Birding)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

22nd July - Sightings

RSPB - 3 Black-tailed Godwit, Ringed Plover, Redshank Jubilee Wetlands.  Redshank, a family of 4 Oystercatcher, Greenshank, 5 Little Egret, Wigeon and 4 Teal North Pit. 2 Green Sandpiper Hall Lake (G Williams)
Shustoke - 3 Common Sandpiper, LRP (S Cawthray)