Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday December 19th

Today four sites set off to count for the BTO WEBS day.

Alvecote and Shustoke were counted yesterday, with some disturbance to Shustoke through the boats. The total counts for each site were as follows and this excludes Gulls, mainly roosting at Coton later in the day, Little Egrets are just included for the Middleton heronry and the Cormorants which roosted at Ladywalk and Kingsbury WP. Therefore, for example, Cormorants counted away from Ladywalk and Kingsbury in the day are excluded:

Alvecote             578
Coton/Lea Marston 2006
Kingsbury WP        1610
Ladywalk                 930
Middleton RSPB      992
Shustoke Res            228

A total of around 7400 birds were counted in our recording area, which is down on last month and Geese, Golden Plover and Gadwall in particular are down.

The main counts are:
Mallard          680 (Middleton 185, Alvecote 125, Ladywalk 123)
Wigeon          325  (Kingsbury 133)
Teal                341 (Middleton 135, Ladywalk 81)
Red-crested Pochard (1 at Swann Pool)
Gadwall         479 (Kingsbury 194, Coton 104)
Pintail                1 (Lea Marston)
Shovelor        318 (Lea Marston 201)
Shelduck         8   (Lea Marston 1, Middleton 7)
Coot              2163 (Coton 1,196, Kingsbury 439)
Moorhen        123  ( (Ladywalk 36)
Tufted Duck 1489 (Coton 910, Middleton 201)
Pochard          183 ( Coton 97)
Scaup               ( 1 at Middleton)
Goldeneye        35 (Middleton 25, Kingsbury 10)
Cormorant      249 (Ladywalk 188, Kingsbury 61)

Other bits and pieces
45 Little Egrets left the heronry roost this morning and all but 5 flew towards Kingsbury WP (Steven Pick). During the WEBS count 26 were seen at Hemlingford Water, the model boat pool and at Coton.

Warks: 2 Great White Egrets on Gilman's Pool (Roy Smith).

132 Lapwings, Cetti's Warbler, 4 Chiffchaffs.

Kingsbury WP
278 Lapwings on Cliffe Pool.

Middleton RSPB
Staffs: 46 Golden Plovers and a Great White Egret were on Jubilee wetland.

Thanks to WEBS counters Dean Baker, Ben Eaton, Pete Sofley, Bob Duckhouse, Adam Archer, SMH and  RSPB.

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