Friday, 4 November 2016

Saturday November 5th

Coton Lakes
COOTS are taking full advantage of a food source and 1105 were present today with many more presumably underwater at the time of the count. In the current century, the only sites in our Region to exceed today's count are Aqualate Mere (Staffs) and occasionally Draycote Water (Warks).
Also, surface feeders are tending to gather on Lake 1B where there must be a shallow strip caused by silting up. 52 Mallard were present here. Also one Goosander,  Cetti's Warbler and just one Chiffchaff.

Kingsbury WP
Along the Canal,  Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (per RSPB sightings board)
Swann Pool , Coot 74, Goldeneye 8, Gadwall 74 and a Black Swan.

Ladywalk NR
Cormorant 118 (Steven Pick)

Middleton RSPB
Warks: A Marsh Harrier was seen, presumably from the entrance road, near the AVFC training ground (per sightings board-no further details) If you saw this bird please get in touch to enable the record to be formally published in the WMBC Report. Thanks.
Also Cetti's Warbler at the Silt Pool and at Fisher's Mill.
Staffs: Four Dunlin and a Stonechat were the only noteworthy reports. A report of 4 Knot probably related to the Dunlins

Shustoke Res
Scaup , Goldeneye 1, Pochard 57, Tufted 57.

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