Friday, 13 September 2013

RSPB Hide Details

I have received the following from Nick Martin from the RSPB. Anyone who wants to feedback - feel free to post a comment.

'The code for the new Lookout at Middleton lakes is c5678z. If you find the lookout locked use the code to open the outer door and then please secure it against the wall. Once you are in please keep the inner door closed. If you are the last one in the hide please do close windows and the doors behind you and advise others to do the same if you were the one to open it and others come in after. Please feel free to pass this message onto anyone you know that will use the reserve. We really hope that you all enjoy the new facility and look forward to seeing some good species noted in the book. If you have any comments on the new building or any other parts of the reserve please take the time to complete a questionnaire that are available at the back and post it into the cairn at the car park (until we get a collection box in the Lookout) all your feedback is appreciated. All the best, Nick Martin, Site Manager'

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