Friday, 31 December 2010

31st December - Sightings

Tamworth - 11 Waxwings by Tameside NR Pool (R Henderson)
Kingsbury - 9 Bewick's Swan still in usual field (Birdguides) The recently reported Lesser-White Fronted Goose is believed to relate to a Canada x Greylag hybrid. This bird has has a small white patch by the bill and an eyering but is far too large. Certainly no Lesser White Front has been seen yet by any of the locals. Please let me know if you know any differently! (A Archer, D Hutton et al)
Coton - 82 Pink-Footed Geese dropped in 3.20pm and roosted. Also 7 Bewick's roosted (J Harris, P Hyde) The goosefest continues!
Alvecote - Pink-Footed Goose, 89 Goosander (site record) (A Archer)
Ladywalk - Bittern (D Long). Chiffchaff (J Harris)

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