Saturday, 31 January 2009

31st January - Sightings

Kingsbury WP Cliff Pool - 2 Pink Footed Goose (TP) S E Owl Richards Meadow this evening (J Oates)
Bassett North - 2 Smew (both m) + 2 Pink Footed Geese flew south to KWP (TP) Also Peregrine and Possible White Winged Gull (Kay D)
Fishers Mill - 3 Little Egret, YL Gull ad (per RBA) Green Sand (J Oates)
Coton - 2 Little Egret (J Oates)
Lea Marston - 3 Scaup still + Fudge Hybrid Still (J Oates) 4 Little Egret from Railway Bridge (per RBA).
Whitacre Heath - Pink Footed Goose on flashes (J Wesson)
Hams Hall - Firecrest still present though elusive
Middleton - Great White Egret still though mobile.

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